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Once, we didn't have much choice in dog foods.
Over the years many companies spend their time
researching the nutritional
and health needs of dogs in all stages of their lives.
Now we have dog food for
small breed puppies to large breed puppies,
growing dogs, older dogs, active dogs,
"lazy" dogs, overweight dogs, etc.
We also have food formulated
for different illnesses of our animals.
The food comes in all types,
fairly inexpensive to very expensive.
Some people think canned is best, others dry.
Still others prefer a mixture of the two,
and now many are getting away from
commercial dog food and going "natural."
There are almost as many different types of food
and choices as there are dog owners.
This page will hopefully lead you to some information
to help you decide what is best for your babies.

Cocker Spaniels can and do
have many health problems that can be remedied
by certain diets and removing foods
and chemicals that can cause allergies,
dry skin, runny eyes, overweight, hair loss,
dandruff, constant itching and more.

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Canine Cookies

1 cup milk
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp garlic salt
1/2 cup bacon fat, meat drippings or lard
1 cup shredded cheese
1 egg, beaten

Preheat over to 400 degrees. Place flour and garlic salt in bowl.
Stir in bacon fat, cheese and egg.
Gradually add enough milk to form dough.
Knead dough on lightly floured surface.
Roll dough to about 1 inch thick.
Use cookie cutter to cut dough and place cookies on greased
cookie sheet.
Bake about 12 minutes or until cookies start to brown.
Cool and store in air tight container.

You can cut cardboard bone shape and use to cut out cookies
--------Submitted by Tina W.-------------

Health Sites for Cockers

Alternative Medicine for Animals
Toxic Breakdown for dogs eating chocolate
Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
Dr. P's Misc. Dog Training Info
Divine Dog Company
Natural and aromatherapy products for your dog
Cornell Diagnosis Page
What Can your dog ACTUALLY see
Anapril--a new med for aging dogs
Pet Health Center
Blinddogs Web Site
Natural Vet
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Dog, Cat and Pet Care Information-The Family Veterinarian
Information on Cherry Eye
Good info on housebreaking, crate training and other great info
Links for Submissive Urination
Submissive urination
Psych Dog

Cockers and Ear Infections

One of the most distressing problems with our cockers
Is the well-know ear infection rearing it's ugly head.
There are many remedies out there..
commercial and "home-made."

Infections can be caused by many things
1. Diet 2. Getting soap and water in the ears
3. Not keeping the ears dried inside
4. Not cleaning the ears and
keeping the hair trimmed away
from inside the ear
5. ________________Write your own reason :-)

Here are a few remedies the list members have used:

From Mary:

I suggest starting your dog on a high
quality acidophilus right away.
Make sure you purchase the best
the health food store has to offer,
and that it has been kept refrigerated.

Ear infections, vaginal infections,
bladder infections, etc. are often
caused by an overgrowth of the
Candida bacteria (bad guys in the intestinal tract)
- this is true of humans as well as animals.
The repeated use of antibiotics,
compounded by the fact that tap water
has alot of chemicals and
chlorine it it,
AND factory raised farm animals are shot full of -
you guessed it - hormones and anitbiotics,
which are all consumed by us and our
pets on a daily basis.
This continual input of substances that kill off the
good flora in the intestines
will weaken the immune system.
Thereby, leaving us/pets wide open for Candida
to take over and cause the above
mentioned problems.
I give my dogs acidophilus and bifidus several
times a week and
we haven't had any ear problems for years.

According to the book,
"The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog"
by Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown, DVM's....
some other causes of ear problems include:

allergies to food or environment

adrenal or thyroid gland malfunction

kidney problems

diet to alkaline

ear mites

cervical and lumbar vertebrae out of alignment

A good ear wash is small amount of
ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar
mixed with some sterile water.

Submitted by Jan:

Blue Power Ear Treatment

How to remove Skunk odor from your "friendly" cocker

Submitted by Claire

1 litre of peroxide (regular house stuff)
1/4 cup of Soda, (baking soda)
and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap

Put all the ingredients in a large pail. (peroxide and soda will boil up )
Using a sponge, soak the dog all over
being very careful not to get in the dogs eyes.
The liquid soap will disolve the oils
contained in the skunks secretions
and will permit the 2 other ingredients to act.
Do not forget to rinse your companion completely when done.

SitStay GoOut Store Rewards!

List of House Plants,Outdoor/Garden Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Grass, Wildflowers, Herbs that can be poisonous to pets

Aconite, Almond, Amaryllis, Angel's trumpet, Apple, Apricot, Arrow Grasses, Arrowhead Vines, Asparagus Ferns, Atopa Belladonna, Autumn Crocus, Azaleas
Balsam Pear, Baneberry, Birds of paradise, Bittersweet Woody, Black Locust, Bloodroot, Boston Ivy, Box, Buckeye, Buttercup
Caladium, Carolina jessamine, Castor Bean, Chinaberry, Chokecherry, Christmas Rose, Chrysanthemum, Colodium, Common Privet, Coriaria, Corn cockle, Cowane, Cowslip, Creeping Charlie, Creeping Fig, Crown of Thorns, Cow Cockle
Daffodil, Daphne, Death Camas, Deiphinium, Dieffenbachia, Dologeton, Drunk Cane, Dumbcane, Dutchman's Breeches
Elderberry, Elephant Ears, Emerald Duke, English Holly, English Ivy, European Bittersweet
Faise Flax, False Hellebore, Fan Weed, Ficus, Field Peppergrass, Flax, Fox Glove
Glocal Ivy, Ground Cherry
Heart Ivy, Heart Leaf, Holly, Horse Chestnut, Horse Nettle, Hyacinth
Indian Tobacco, Indian Turnip, Iris, Ivy
Jack in the pulpit, Japanese Plum, Jasmine, Jatropha, Jerusalem Cherry, Jimsonweed
Laburmum, Lantana, Larkspur, Laurels, Lily of Valley, Loco, Lupines
Manchineel, Matrimony vine, May Apple, Marijuana, Marble queen, Majesty, Milk vetch, Mistletoe, Mock Orange, Monkey Pod, Monkshood, Moonweed/seed, Morning Glory Mountain Mahogany, Mushrooms, Mustards
Narcissus, Neththyis, Needlepoint Ivy, Nicotina, Nightshade, Nutmet, Nux Vomica
Oaks, Oleander
Pathos, Parlor Ivy, Peach/Cherry, Periwinkle, Peyote, Philodendrum, Pig Weed, Poke Week, Poinsetta, Poison Hemlock, Pot Mum, Potato, Privet
Raintree, Rattle Box, Red Princess, Rhododendrum, Rhubard,Ripple ivy, Rosary Pea
Skunk Cabbage, Smartweeds, Snon on mountain, Soap Berry, Sorghum, Spider mum, Spinach, Spranger fern, Star of bethlehem, Sunburned potatoes
Umbrella Plant
Velvet Grass
Water Hemlock, weeping fig, wild black cherry, wild radish, wisteria, woody aster
Yellow jessamine, yellow oleander, yellow pine flax yew - american/english/western

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